Wonderful DIY Family Photography Dresser

For each of us family represents one of the most important things in life. Usually when you are a kid you have no worry about tomorrow, you just know that your parents will take care of everything. The years will pass and you will become parent too and your turn will come to take care of your own kids.

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All the important moments of our life we immortalize them with our camera taking all sorts of pictures. From the first steps we made, to the happy moments from the end of our high school, then of the faculty. All these great moments have remained in our memory and immortalized by the help of the photos. We have photos with our friends that we took at the seaside, at the mountain or that we took at our wedding. After years we remind of all these moments watching the photos gladly.

Diy photography dresser 3 500x333

If usually we set these photos in an album, Kate from See Kate Sew had an interesting idea of creating a DIY family photo covered dresser. You may create your own DIY family covered dresser if you have some materials like: an old dresser, lots of black and white photographs, matte Mod Podge for the outside, glossy Mod Podge for the drawers, a paper cutter, a foam brush, a paintbrush and a hardware optionally.

Remove old hardware. Go to town mod podging photographs all over your dresser every which way. Do not worry if they are not too straight. When you get to an edge, measure how much photograph you need to fill it and cut it down accordingly. Use Mod podge under the photos and on top of them all over. Use the foam brush to make it smooth. If the edges of your dresser are curved, use a glue gun to glue the edges down.

Diy photography dresser 3 500x333

Mod podge is not strong enough to hold over the curves. Continue mod podging until every inch of your dresser is covered. Measure the inside of your drawers and cut pieces of fabric for all the sides and the bottom. Paint down a layer of mod podge. Lay the fabric down and adjust it. Cover with mod podge. Put lots of mod podge. Let it all dry and replace hardware.

Now you can enjoy all your beautiful moments that will sit in front of every day in one single place.{found on seekatesew}