Wire Garden Trellis from Pottery Barn

If you live in a house and not in a flat, then you certainly have at least a small garden or ground around it that you can use. And if you love nature and plants, then you certainly will try to plant some flower gardens or bushes, little trees or other specific plants for outdoor decoration. I don’t know about you, but I simply love to plant a small and fragile flower or tree and to take care of it until it’s big and strong and a beauty for my garden. But there is one big problem with some trees and bushes or tall plants: they need some support or else they will fall to the ground. That is why you need a trellis.

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The garden trellis is very useful, as it protects the plants against wind or wild attackers like small children and can be placed directly on the ground. This particular trellis can be used as a garden decoration in itself, as it is beautiful and you can also use it as support for some light strings that will turn your garden into a marvelous place at night. It is five-foot-tall and it is made of a fine network of wire lines. You can purchase one such item now for the reduced price of $99 from Pottery Barn.