Winter White Colors To Brighten Your Home

Many homeowner make the mistake of seeing white as a color that is meant for summer only. If you sit back and think about what white furniture and decor items can do to the interiors of your home, especially when it is dark and miserable outdoors, you won’t hesitate in using winter whites to brighten your home, especially when they come in gloss finishes. With the following ideas, which come in various shades of white, you would be sure to enjoy the cozy combinations that come with having winter white decor and furniture in the interiors of your home.

winter white sand color
Winter white sand colors in your interiors

Mix and Match Furniture with Patterns

There is always a unique way of mixing and matching whites when it comes to your furniture and flooring. You achieve this by going for various shades of white which ranges from cream, egg shell, ivory and oyster which usually complement each other. With your cushion in off white, the throw pillows can be mixed with other shades of color while the rug comes in mixed color of white, black and gray.

winter white kitchen
Winter white kitchen cabinetry

Kitchen Cabinets in Lighter Tones of White:

Making a choice of winter cool whites with a slight undertone of blue works well for your kitchen if you make use of stainless steel appliances or have black countertops. It is a shade of white that looks very bright when compared to ivory or off-white shades. Other shades of white that can easily transform your kitchen during winter include warm whites which work better in kitchens with stained wood or appliances and countertops in sage green.

winter white kitchen countertops
Winter white in your kitchen cabinetry

Winter White Stone Walls:

If you have always wanted to do something different in your home in the winter, going for winter white stone walls will be a viable option for you. It adds a unique type of architectural element to your home that is not commonly found. If you are thinking of updating your home, or just giving it a facelift – look to white washing or distressing walls with white paint.

winter white rustic
Winter white rustic wall ads texture to any room

White Rustic Decor in Finishes:

Another unique way of bringing in the winter whites into your home is using them in your rustic decor. You can achieve this by whitewashing your kitchen cabinets and islands. It adds more beauty to the vintage pieces in your kitchen, especially if there is a contrasting dark color in the kitchen already. You can always add more elegance to your dinner parties when you set the tables with winter white flower vases, white lace placemats and combination of green, cream and white flowers. Don’t always be afraid to have very little bold colors on your dinner tables.

winter white table outdoors
Winter white decorative items

As much as possible, don’t try to match whites. Whether it is for your living room, bedroom, kitchen or dining room, having different shades of white will be the best thing you have ever done to your living space in the winter. Go ahead and let winter whites brighten your home.

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