Winter Lamp Collection Designed by Bleu Nature

If you want a new lamp for your home, then you must take a look at the Winter Lamp Collection Designed by Bleu Nature. The concept featuring an elegant look and a warm “blue glacier” trend which will be grate for the coming year .


It’s a very interesting idea. The goal was to bring the outdoors in. This way you will miss the nature less, considering it’s winter season so it’s not the best time to enjoy nature. The lamp is partially made of glass and partially of wood. It’s has a lacquered finish for a more resilient and shiny look, allowing in the same to keep the natural tones from the wood.

The shapes and sizes and variable, as well as the colors. But each one of them is unique and gives a you a sensation of warmth and coziness. Enjoy many cold winter days and night with this beautiful lamps. They are perfect if you want to sit by the fire, or on a comfy chair and relax or reed a book or just and talk with your family and friends