10 Best Tips for Decorating Your House for Winter

When the Christmas tree is put away and the guests have left you alone to a cold house, it’s easy to let the chill of winter settle into the soul. How do you decorate for a season that has no particular appeal? You can’t very well put a bowl of snow on the table. Well let me give you a word to focus on when you begin thinking about decorating your home for winter: cozy. Yes, try to think of everything cozy and infuse it into your home for the season. Here are 10 tips to help you have the warmest decorating at the coldest time of year.

Blanket pillow basket

When you’re physically cold, you naturally go looking for the nearest blanket to warm you up. So during this winter season, store your cozy throws and pillows in a large pretty rattan basket. The brown tone will bring a natural warmth to your living room. (via Style Me Pretty)

Twinkly lights in jars

Putting away your Christmas lights? Stop! You can still use twinkly lights to create a magical winter atmosphere in your home. Fill some jars with them, string them around your window frames or drape them above your bed. Because twinkly lights should be for all seasons. (via Making Lemonade)

Greenery in bowls

Let’s talk about decorating with nature for a second. Just because there aren’t flowers doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Go foraging for some sprigs of pine and fill the empty corners in your home with that winter greenery. Not only will it look lovely, it will smell fabulous. (via Stonegable)

Creativity with twigs

Twigs are another piece of nature to collect for your winter decor. With a little glue, they can be used in any number of ways. Make a wreath for your front door. Cover some votives for your dining room table. Put some longer sticks in a vase by the front door. Your options are limitless. (via BHG)

Pinecone garland

While you’re gathering twigs and sprigs of pine, you’re bound to come across some pine cones. Give them a gilded sheen and string them throughout the house. It’s a project that’s super frugal and makes a big impact on your walls. (via The Sweetest Occasion

Wintery white candles

Candlelight is a must for keeping the ambiance warm and cozy during the winter months. Get creative with your votives using contact paper or frosty paint. You’ll find the diffused candlelight is only cozier. (via A Practical Wedding)

Rustic wood snowflake

Decorating with snowflakes is a logical step in feathering your nest this winter. I want to encourage you though to think outside the paper snowflakes! Make a more permanent one with scraps of wood or glue popsicle sticks together for a large wall hanging. (via My Altered State)

Winter printable

Speaking of wall hangings, let’s not forget about your gallery wall. Scour Pinterest for a free printable that can bring your art collection in season. It will literally take you a few minutes to print, frame and hang. (via Yellow Bliss Road)

Ice lantern candles

Many people continue to host parties to keep the warm winter spirit alive. I’m all about that! Since you’re guests will probably be arriving in the dark, greet them with some icy votives on the steps. Bonus if you can add the sprigs of pine. (via Miss Monday)

Cozy winter cat

Here’s my coziest decorating tip. Are you ready? Get a cat. Or a dog. Or a guinea pig. Coming home to something furry that’s happy to see you will make winter a much more smiley and warm season. Plus, a cat always makes any room feel cozier. I speak from experience. (via @aud_bod)