Wine Bottle Inspired Restaurant in Singapore – The Tasting Room

Studio SKLIM has done it again, this time in Singapore, on Marina Square. One of their latest projects was The Tasting Room, a combination of French/Italian Bistro cuisine. Located at the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District this restaurant is a contemporary and interesting place to dine.

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The architects managed to translate the client’s vision, which was to create a place that refreshes people’s perception on the wine and food culture, but at a reasonable price. They made black volumes that are situated between two layers of industrial aesthetics:exposed ceilings and the concrete screed floors, creating a chic and sophisticated place, but with a raw feel.

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Siting on a 137 square meter commercial property this restaurant is an unique experience of “hidden” flavor. The owners has one demand, which was to create three individual spaces: the Wine area, the Bistro area and the Wine/Bistro shared areas. In order to give the clients what they wanted the architects came up with a U-shaped layout.

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Inspired by a dark wine bottle and antique weaved wine basket holders, this contemporary restaurant is a divine place to satisfy all your curiosities. Moreover you can have a party in the private dining area that has a capacity of 16 people.

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The Tasting Room has a great vision and is an exceptionally crafted restaurant. It is chic, sophisticated with classic elements…great for you and your family.