Willow Tree Triptych

There are people who like white and naked walls and then there are some other people who like having them covered by different decorations. Usually you use paintings for this or maybe a mirror, a hanging plant or maybe some wallpaper. But I found something even more interesting this time and this is the  Willow Tree Triptych. This triptych is, as the name suggests it, a wall decoration that is made of three parts. It is actually some kind of wall panel with an unusual , yet very beautiful design on it: a weeping willow.

T WithZoom

The three panels are bronze finished and have the  grey-greenish willow attached to it in three-dimensional images. They are made of fiber glass and resin and are very resistant to any kinds of weather, which makes them appropriate for outdoor display, too. The panels are carefully fixed to the wall with integrated hangers and draw attention immediately thanks to their beautiful design.

The three panels come arranged side by side and they look impressive, seeming an uninterrupted design. The triptych is pretty large in size (4 ft. across ) and that is why it is recommended for large homes. If you use it in a small home, it will take a lot of your space and the dark colour will shrink it even more. You can purchase it now from Front Gate for $299.