Wiggle Stool

Everybody knows who Lonardo Da Vinci is even if he lived a long time ago and even if not all people are connected to art and painting or sculpture. But he is a classic and is famous for his works. This is just an example meant to show you that there are some classics, some big names in every field that have always been cool even though they are long gone. Though home design is not a very well known field there are also a lot of specialists in this field, too, a lot of classics who have a big name and famous masterpieces that are always contemporary. Such is this great Wiggle Stool.

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This stool looks quite interesting and is modern, though it was designed by Frank Gehry in 1972. It seems to reproduce the design of a melting pile that falls on the ground in a curved stack. It is interesting to look at and incredibly comfortable, despite appearances. The most important feature of this unique piece of furniture is the fact that it gives life and meaning to an ordinary piece of cardboard, turning it into a work of art.

I guess cardboard is responsible for the stool being so comfortable and lightweight, easy to move from one place to another. It was inspired by African stools, but shows the designer special taste and vision and brings modernism in any home. It is part of Easy Edges collection and you can admire it on Vitra.