Wicker baskets, very versatile and great for storage

One way of keeping a room clutter-free is to make sure everything is well-organized. This means you have to keep everything nicely stored. Wicker baskets are very helpful in such situations. They allow you to organize everything and to keep everything out of sight while maintaining a clean and beautiful décor. Wicker baskets are extremely versatile and they can be used in lots of different spaces and for lots of different purposes.

Under bed wicker baskets

For example, a large wicker basket would look beautiful in the bedroom. Place it at the end of the bed and use it to store extra blankets, seasonal clothing or anything else you need. Not only that it will solve your storage problems but it will also add a rustic chic flair to the room.


Smaller wicker baskets can be very helpful in the laundry room. Use them to store your clothespins and all the little things you find in the pockets of the clothes before you wash them. Organize them all on a counter or on a shelf and keep everything clean and out of the way.


Wicker baskets are also very useful in the kitchen or pantry. Use different sizes and shapes to store different things. For example, a large wicker basket can be placed underneath the shelves and used to store large bags of chips of food supplies. Smaller baskets can be used for fruit or vegetables. { image from transformhome}.


In the kids’ room there’s always clutter. But you can teach the kids to be organized by providing them with storage boxes or baskets where they can store all their toys, clothes and everything else. Different sizes of baskets can be used for different types of toys.


If you prefer a more elegant décor and don’t want your kids’ room to look messy, you can create an organized storage system for all their baskets and boxes. They can store them in a cabinet with open shelves. A similar system can also be used in your own bedroom, for all the little things you usually use and that include makeup, accessories, jewelry, etc.

Under bed wicker baskets

The entryway is also a great space where you can use wicker baskets. Here there are lots of things that need to be store and that usually occupy a lot of space, making this area look cluttered and messy. For example, you can have different sizes of baskets for shoes and for accessories such as hats, scarves, gloves, etc.

Under bed wicker baskets

And just to emphasize the versatility and usefulness of these simple wicker baskets, here’s another example of a very well organized kitchen. Notice that the shelves are a great way of storing all the things that you need. They are easy to reach and close at hand when you need them. The wicker baskets are great for storing lots of things. In this kitchen the baskets have a very nice system that allows them to be slid into their compartments just like drawers.


The bathroom is also a room where there are always things that need to be stored. A large wicker basket would be perfect for dirty laundry it would also be a nice and beautiful way of hiding it. Smaller wicker baskets an also be used for towels or small things like hair pins, makeup or even for shampoos and shower gels.


Of course, there’s something about wicker baskets that makes them perfect for the bedroom. They have a very nice texture that allows them to integrate perfectly into this warm, cozy and inviting space. If you don’t want to stand out, you can hide the baskets underneath a bench at the end of the bed.