Why Should I Paint my Living Room Yellow?

Many people, including myself, prefer white walls for all the rooms in their apartments or houses and this is for different reasons. But sometimes it is a great idea to choose colours and paint the walls of your living room in a certain way in order to enhance a certain feature, some furniture or simply because you like it. Not to mention the fact that certain colour combinations can really lift up your mood. So today I will try to answer the question in the title: “Why should I paint my living room yellow?“. First of all this colour gives you the impression of light and warmth and a room painted yellow seems larger and brighter. So if your living room is a bit smaller than you would like it to be, paint it yellow and combine this pale yellow with white for the best effect.

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Yellow can be a colour that will help you create a merry look for your living room, but you will have to combine it with string colours like red, orange, black or blue. Just make sure you do not use too make strong colours in this combination because it can be tiring for the eyes, especially if there are kids around the house. Look at the above picture and you will have some idea a good combination.

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Yellow is a very good colour if you want to arrange your living room with wooden furniture. The furniture looks great against a yellow background, especially if it is wooden and black or dark brown. So maybe you and I should consider painting the walls yellow next time we re-arrange the living room.