Why should I have a chandelier in the kitchen?

The kitchen was originally the most utilitarian room of the house. With time, things changed. Functionality has still remained a very important aspect but the kitchen has also become a place for socialization and most modern homes have made it a part of their living area. It’s why details such a chandelier are no longer out-of-place in the kitchen and could even change the whole décor in a positive way. These are some examples.

1. Contrasting designs.

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There are many different types of chandeliers. Choosing the right one depends on the décor. For example, in this case the kitchen is minimalist and features a serene color palette. It’s why a chandelier with glamorous, eye-catching details, finishes and textures was a perfect choice. It creates a beautiful focal point and it doesn’t interfere with anything else.

2. Simple sophistication.

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In a farmhouse-style kitchen the same type of chandelier as in the previous case would not work anymore. In this case the chandelier needs to stand out but not to be overly eye-catching. It just needs to add that hint of sophistication that would change the atmosphere in the kitchen from monotonous to chic. Crystal chandeliers can do that with style.

3. Formal elegance.

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In a kitchen like this one, the chandelier also adds a little sophistication but also makes the décor seem a little more formal. It’s a very elegant detail and it creates a beautiful focal point in this traditional kitchen. It’s not contrasting as it seems to belong there and it matches beautifully with the rest of the décor.

4. Matching dimensions.

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When choosing the chandelier you also need to pay attention to its dimensions. They need to match your kitchen. For example, a small kitchen would only seem smaller and cluttered with a huge chandelier in the middle. But a spacious kitchen like this one could benefit from a low-hanging, tiered chandelier. It fits this space perfectly.

5. A design that fits the building.

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In a home with a rich history such as this one, you’ll probably want to preserve as much as the original charm and details as possible. It’s why a traditional décor was the best choice in this case. To add flair and style to the kitchen, the owners opted for these delicate and sophisticated chandeliers to go with the rest of the décor.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.