White wood painted house with a modern interior

Having a terrain in the middle of the mountains can be sometimes an opportunity to experience some new things. For example, designers from Chaplinskyy& Associates had the chance to use ecological materials, to combine hundreds of pieces of wood to build an amazing house in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. Because the wood was painted in white, the house desperately needed some decorations and interesting combinations of materials and textures to turn this wooden home into a small palace with a black and white interior. Like any other palace, this house has many chandeliers, different in every room.

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In the living area, above some comfortable white sofas and a dark glass and wood coffee table a beautiful fireplace was placed to enlighten the whole place. Here, in a corner, there is also a unique fireplace which personally reminds me about romantic moments seen in some old movies.

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I have to say that in this house, my favorite area is the one with the kitchen and the dining room. The kitchen is quite small, but very useful and elegant in the same time, while the dining room has its own decorating theme which stands out from the other ones.

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I was impressed by all the details because every object, piece of furniture, eating utensil match with the others. That special chandelier decorated with black and white imitations of precious stones match the lamp from the wall and also the wallpaper, tablecloth and candlestick. Upstairs, every bedroom and private area has its own decorations which differ depending on the personality of each family member.