Wood White Washed Frame Letter Art

Whilst the summer is about creating cool, sleek spaces with cold materials like marble, granite and laminates winter has a very different feel.

Wood White Washed Frame

Instead of wanting cool materials, I give in to cozy blankets, rugs in front of the wire and raw, textured wood. The white washed wood always makes me think of cozy log wood cabins in the snow and chopped logs piled up next to open fire. I’m drawn to more natural materials and fabrics for the colder months which gives this tutorial perfect timing!


This tutorial combines the cool, minimal look of pure white decor with more earthy warmth. My favorite way to use frames is to spell out words around my home. I use my favorite fonts to put different accented words around my home that give me little lifts throughout the day. This works best when you’re using frames that are A4 in size and smaller as it’s easy to print out letters but if you wanted to go for larger letters you can draw your own or cut out from larger pieces of paper and fabrics.

Materials for white washed wood frames:

  • Raw, Unvarnished Wooden Frames
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Sponge Brush
White washed picture frames materials

Instructions to white washed wood frame project:

Step 1: Mixing the paint

Mix equal parts of white acrylic paint with water. Make sure to mix until you have an even consistency.

White washed picture frames mix paint

Step 2: Foam Sponge

Using a foam sponge paint brush (these give a nice even tone) cover the frame in a thin layer of the paint mixture.

White washed picture frames first layer

Tip: Don’t miss out the sides and back of the frame as these will be noticeable if they are not painted.

White washed picture frames first layer painting

Step 3: Repeat the process for all remaining frames

Do the same with all your frames and leave to dry.

White washed picture frames first coat dry

Step 4: Water mixture

When they’re dry make another paint and water mixture, the same as before (half paint, half water)

White washed picture frames ready for second coat

Step 5: Sponge brush

Use your sponge brush to coat the frame with a second layer.

White washed picture frames second coat

Step 6: Continue with the rest of the frames

Do the same with all the frames and leave to dry.

White washed picture frames all painted

Step 7: Create your design

Now you’re ready to print out your letters in your favourite font. Increase the size until they almost fill an A4 page and print out.

White washed picture frames first E

Step 8: Hanging process

Once the frames are dry put the letters into the frames and hang together to spell out inspirational or unusual words around your home.

White washed picture frames ace
White washed picture frames ace front
White washed picture frames ace CE
White washed picture frames ace A