White Stockholm Apartment Balanced By Colorful Accent Elements

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, this apartment has a very beautiful interior design. It combines traditional Nordic décor with bold and colorful touches and the overall look is well balanced. The local style and the industrial influence mix and create a charming décor.

Swedish clean white design1

The apartment has an open layout. It features a large kitchen and a living room which form a single volume. There are also three bedrooms, one of them being situated on the mezzanine level.

Swedish clean white design

What’s nice is that, although there’s an overall very open interior design and layout, all the different functions are well delimited. However, the boundaries between them are almost invisible. That’s because all the walls are white throughout the apartment so the transition from one area to another is smooth and seamless.

Swedish clean white design2

Swedish clean white design3

Swedish clean white design4

Swedish clean white design5

Also, each room has its own unique features. The white background is balanced by different colorful elements and they give the apartment a playful and dynamic look.

Swedish clean white design6

Swedish clean white design7

Swedish clean white design8

Swedish clean white design9

The kitchen, for example, is mainly white but it has vibrant-colored accents, plus the black and white combo is always beautiful. The apartment also has large windows throughout and they let in natural light which makes everything look even more beautiful. The focus here is on simplicity and minimalism and the apartment has a warm, airy and inviting feel without overlooking functionality. It’s a perfect balance.{found on Skeppsholmen}.