White Royal Armchair

Every little boy or girl reads or listens to stories and dreams about being royalty. All the girls are princesses in their games and the boys are princes. Even when they grow up, the dream never disappears: why do you think all brides and all the girls who win a beauty pageant have to wear a tiara as a sign of glory? Any way, the thing is that we all love the feeling of being above the world and being special, something that a royalty has to deal with every day. That is the exact feeling you have when sitting on this beautiful White Royal Armchair  from Modani.

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Actually the design of the chair is very interesting and the designer succeeds to turn a classic model into a neo-baroque piece of furniture. This is the result of the combination of modern features like the use of leatherette as the material to cover the armchair with the skillfully carved wooden frame, adorned with hand made floral and leafy ornaments.

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The legs and arms of this armchair are curved and graceful, but the foundation of the chair is pretty solid and that is the most interesting feature of the design: it combines masculine and feminine features, modern and classic ones, too. The chair will look great in a big room and will make any house look like a palace. The item is now available in Modani stores for $1,390.00.