White residence in San Francisco

This minimalist residence is located in San Francisco, California, USA. It has a very distinctive interior design. It was a project by Garcia Tamjidi Architecture Design. The team had to decorate an area of 1,325 square meters. The project was completed in January 2012. As you can see, the interior is striking but not because of the colors or the decorations but because of the simplicity of the design.

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The residence has a crisp white interior. The walls and the ceilings are completely white throughout the house. As you can see, there is no furniture visible in the pictures. This enhances the effect this minimalist design has. There are very few elements that break the monotony. They are mostly art pieces such as paintings or sculptures. The residence was designed for a couple that has a passion for motorcycles. Their hobby also involves racing and setting world land speed records. They wanted this house to be a peaceful retreat from their busy lifestyle.

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The original structure included two bedrooms and a half bath. When designing this place, the team was asked to remove any unnecessary elements. That’s why it’s such an austere place. The house is organized around a long double-sided storage wall that separates the rooms. The interior is relaxing, calm, a place you can dream and meditate. Its exactly the opposite of what the usual city apartment offers.{found on archdaily and pics by Joe Fletcher}.