White residence in Denmark with a retro feel

This beautiful residence is located in Denmark. Its owners are collectors who have a weakness for the retro style. However, they were able to include all their favorite elements into this interior design. It was a challenge mostly because of the colors. Since this is a Scandinavian residence, the interior was designed almost entirely white.

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Instead of pops of vibrant color the décor is all white. It’s a very strange feeling especially for those used with colorful decors. It’s a characteristic specific to Nordic interior designs. The residence is white except for some small accents of black. There are also some gray and silver accents but they integrate nicely into the décor and they even look natural. For some people such a neutral décor might be too much. It does resemble a little a cold hospital but the cozy furniture and the inviting atmosphere make all those bad feelings go away in a second.

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The residence looks very clean and has a classic feel. It also seems imposing and a little overwhelming. It has large doors and an overall clean and crisp design. The windows let in plenty of natural light and this further increases the bright décor. It’s like there’s snow everywhere. I would definitely have to think twice before even daring to sit on a white sofa or even walking around on the spotless clean white floors.{found on designatacator}.