White Misewell Tokyo_II Table Lamp

Cartoons are very appreciated and watched although we refer to kids or adults. Both categories seem to be fascinated by the funny characters that do all kinds of amusing stuff or pass through all sorts of adventures .Kids love the colored animation, the funny noises and the cute characters that appear on the screen. The adults seem to appreciate more the quality of the graphics, the way characters look or the celebrities that give life to these cartoon characters.

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White Misewell Tokyo_II Table Lamp looks like a funny cartoon character. Its oatmeal fabric shade looks like a nice head of a cute creature, while its powder coated aluminum neck and powder coated steel base represent its thin body and two funny legs. Its cute design, created by Vincent and Paul Georgeson reminds me of Pixar cartoons which were one of my brother’s favorite types of cartoons. He made a passion of them and he had many series of them on his computer at home. Although he is a young man, at almost his thirty, he is still like a child in love with his favorite cartoons.

This lovely white table lamp is perfect for any table, office desk or nightstand. It does not take too much of your space so that it is very appreciated for its tiny and thin appearance. Misewell Tokyo_II Table Lamp was made in the USA and for a special price of $244.00, it can be yours. It will offer you the necessary amount of light that you need for all your activities and will create a lovely and warm ambiance which will make feel comfortable and nice.