Kitchens to Prove that White is the Best

There are two camps of people when it comes to the color white: the camp that says it’s such a boring color and the camp that says it’s a color with so much potential. I fall into the latter camp, especially when it comes to kitchens. All white kitchens are a rising trend because people are finally seeing the value in them. White means bright. White means clean. White means limitless possibilities. Scroll through these 14 gorgeous white kitchens that will having you drooling for your own by the end.

white open shelving

It is well known in the interior design world that open shelving is the IT kitchen thing right now. And when you put open shelving over white walls, you suddenly make art out of ordinary dishes and glasses and jars. It will also encourage you to keep things neat and tidy for everyone to see. (via Remodelista)

bright white kitchen

White helps bounce light into the dark corners of the room. So if you’re working with limited light in your kitchen, painting it white is the only practical solution. It’s like adding another window where there isn’t one. (via A Cup of Jo)

white chalkboard kitchen

Looking for a complimenting color for your chalkboard wall? Go white. Black and white are a classic combination that will never fail and when you put it next to your dark chalkboard, you’ll be surprised how much it will pop. (via Enig Wonen)

coastal white

Just because your home is coastal doesn’t mean you have to paint everything blue. White will help bring the feel of airy breezes inside as well as show off all your driftwood and sailing touches. (via Coastal Style)

white tiled kitchen

Are you thinking about replacing your white tile? Don’t! Embrace your while tile by painting the rest of the room to match. It will making cleaning up all the spots and splatters a snap. (via Skona Hem)

dishes decor

If you’re the kind that collects colorful vintage plates and glasses, don’t keep them hidden in a cabinet. Let their colors sparkle and shine against a white walled background. They’ll be the stars of your kitchen. (via At Home In Love)

country white

How do you create a country kitchen without going overboard? Paint it white. Then you can add your country touches of burlap and cast iron and vintage plates without fear of looking to kitschy. (via My Paradissi)

white statement lights

While lighting is important in every room, the kitchen has to be on the top of the list. So if you’re wanting to make a statement with your kitchen lighting, color the rest of the kitchen white so the eyes will be drawn to whatever you’ve got going on up high. (via Vickynspiration)

white bricks

Brick walls can be charming but they can also drag down the light in a room. If you don’t want your kitchen feeling like an Italian wine cellar, paint your brick wall white for a much more French country feel. You’ll still get the interesting brick texture without the heavy color. (via Home Decor Obsession)

storage jar display

Dishes aren’t the only thing that can create practical art in your white walled kitchen. Line up jar after jar of flour and oats and coffee and goldfish and pet treats and whatever else can be put in a jar for a myriad of color and texture on your open shelves. (via Coco Lapine Designs)

white minimal kitchen

The kitchen can be one of those spaces that’s hard to decorate like a minimalist. But white paint can help lead you to that goal. Once it’s white, you’ll be tempted to keep everything else out of sight. (via SF Girl By Bay)

white plants

In my opinion, a room isn’t complete without plants. And white walls in the kitchen really help give those greens a new life. Whether you’re growing an indoor herb garden or just nurturing your houseplants, a white kitchen is a good place for them to thrive. (via The Goodrich Wife)

modern white

Modernistic styling doesn’t have to be black. It can also be white like this kitchen with sleek cabinets and a interestingly textured backsplash. White definitely helps accentuate all those clean lines. (via Stylizimo)

white appliances

If you really want to go with a white kitchen, don’t forget about your appliances. White walls and cabinets can be set off by a generic black stove. (via Apartment 34)