White Kitchen Cabinetry Does Not Mean Bland

For being, well, white, white is a complex color in décor. Sometimes it connotes a kind of sterile professionalism (think hospital rooms, or even in extreme cases, asylums), while other times it brings peace and harmony (think gauzy white spaces by the ocean). The kitchen in particular is often a prime candidate for white.But how do we keep white cabinets in the kitchen from being bland and boring? The key seems to be in pairing beautifully simple white cabinetry with warm, texture-heavy components to create a pleasing, airy kitchen space.

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These white cabinets serve as the perfect sophisticated backdrop to mosaic glass tile backsplash, the dark wood island, and stainless steel appliances. Being white, the cabinetry lets these other items take center stage while maintaining the clean, sleek appearance that’s attractive in a kitchen.

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Paired with pale blue-green crackle ceramic subway tile and marble countertops, this white cabinetry is the perfect punctuation mark in this fresh, airy space. The beauty in this space is in the details – curved window top, huge mouldings, and classic cabinet hardware. Importantly, the airy colors are grounded by dark hardwood floors.

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This is a lovely traditional kitchen with modern touches, such as stainless countertops and appliances. The khaki-colored beadboard ceiling charmingly mirrors the warmth (and lines) of the wood floors. White cabinets highlight the carefully selected embellishments, such as the woven roman shade and shaded chandelier.

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In this almost entirely white space, the white cabinetry blends in seamlessly while the beautiful window views take the foreground. Glass cabinet fronts and glass lighting add another layer of texture and dimension without detracting from the white scheme. A warm butcher block countertop on the island and fresh flowers in glass vases keep the kitchen from feeling anything but sterile and cold.

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Black and white – a classic color combination that will never go out of style. White cabinetry paired with sleek black countertops make the ultimate statement. The stark contrast is tempered by light blue paint and a multi-hued glass tile backsplash of greys. Once again, wood floors offer just the right amount of warmth to this contemporary space.

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