White House With Color Accents

White Interiors are always a popular choice among homeowners as it is a very flexible theme and allows the owner to decorate the house in a unique way. From the exteriors, this house may appear very general but the interiors are completely mind boggling. The interiors of the house feature the common white color theme, but it stands out from the ordinary as splashes of colors through various aspects have been conjoined with the theme in order to create an elegant yet a contemporary house.

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Every corner of the house has a different color tone blended with the neutral white color. Green color sofa and loungers have been used in the living room along with green cut glassware pieces. The kitchen and dining area features touches of red color by way of red artwork on the wall and red dishes.

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Black stairs lead one to the second level of the house which features the master bedroom and children’s bedroom. Rainbow colors such as red, blue, green and amber have been used appropriately in the children’s bedroom in order to create a bright room for the kids. The bathroom is actually very classy, as black tiles have been used to design the room.{found on mixr}