White Corner Table from IKEA

Every once in a while I make some smaller or bigger changes in my house because I get bored of the same design all the time. Sometimes I just move the furniture around, sometimes I buy some new accessories , I bring in a plant or something similar. But sometimes I decide it is time for some serious changes that will totally change the room design. So this spring I decided to move the furniture along the walls and leave the middle of the room completely free in order to let my kids build their toy castle there. So the best idea seemed to use the corners in order to save some space. I found this amazing White Corner Table from IKEA and I immediately thought it was perfect for my plan.

Vika amon vika adils corner table  0148503 PE306799 S4

The table is specially designed to be place in a corner and also to offer easy access to it , so it will have five legs and will be round on the interior, while the exterior will be square, in order to fit the corner. This interesting table from IKEA was designed by Jon Karlsson and was called VIKA AMON/ VIKA ADILS . The legs are made of steel while the table top is made of fiberboard and particleboard, making a nice combination. The piece of furniture can be bought from IKEA stores for just $65.