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White Canopy Beds With Beautiful And Dreamy Designs

There’s lots of efficient and interesting ways to make a bedroom stand out or to give it a particular look and feel. One idea which we enjoy a lot is to opt for a canopy bed frame.

White Canopy Bed

It has a wonderful way of instantly giving the space around it a relaxed and glamorous vibe and there are of course lots of variations to take into account which can direct the overall aesthetic of the room into a particular direction. Today we’ll be focusing on white canopy beds in particular. 

8 inspiring white canopy beds

Relaxed coastal vibes

Relaxed coastal vibes with white canopy

The beautiful white canopy bed fits wonderfully into this room and perfectly matches the overall aesthetic of the room.

The main colors used throughout the design are black and white, a timeless and classic combo which was paired in this case with a fair amount of materials and finishes meant to add warmth to the space and to create a relaxed and cozy vibe. Check out the full story on chrissymarieblog for more details. 

A canopy bed and a high ceiling

State St  Bed

In some cases a large bed frame can cause the room as a whole to look small and less open and airy than it would otherwise look.

Pairing a canopy bed and especially a white one with a room that has a high ceiling such as in this case works really well. The bed grounds the space and breaks the height without becoming obstructive. Check out this design by Peter McDonald Architect to get inspired. 

A metal frame with a modern aesthetic

Celeste Canopy Bed

If you’re worried that a canopy bed frame wouldn’t really fit well in a small bedroom, check out designs like the Celeste Canopy Bed.

This one in particular seems well-suited for small spaces because of how slender the frame is. It’s made of metal which allows it to maintain a very thin profile and to look super lightweight at the same time. You can get it in black or white and in both cases the corner connectors stand out thanks to their beautiful gold finish. 

Bohemian lines

State St  Bed

The Alcaraz canopy bed from Andover Mills features a really beautiful and stylish design defined by simple and classic lines, delicate curves and a certain bohemian allure.

The frame is made of metal and has a sturdy and durable construction without looking bulky. At the same time, it leaves plenty of open space underneath for storage. Check out the white version if you prefer a light and airy decor or the black one if you want the bed to stand out a bit more. 

Contemporary minimalism

State St  Bed

Although canopy beds can often give off a certain retro vibe they can certainly also suit a variety of different other styles.

There’s plenty of contemporary designs that you can choose from like the Orpha canopy bed for example. It featured very clean and simple lines and it’s made of metal which allows it to maintain a slender profile while also being very durable and sturdy. 

A lovely canopy bed for kids

State St  Bed

A canopy bed could also be a wonderful addition to a child’s bedroom. There’s quite a few particular elements to keep in mind in this case.

Designs like that of the Adama bed include a trundle for extra storage or an extra mattress for sleepovers. The frame forms a peak at the top which gives this canopy bed the look like a miniature house. 

Classic charm and elegance

State St  Bed

Sometimes it’s nice to stick with the classics. The Effingham canopy bed has just what it takes to make a bedroom look welcoming and cozy while also giving it an elegant and stylish vibe.

The frame is made of solid wood with an off-white finish. The slightly tapered legs raise it off the floor just a bit giving it a more lightweight appearance and making cleaning nice and easy. 

Style and convenience combined

State St  Bed

The State St. canopy bed definitely has a lot of character. The acrylic frame and steel corners give it a distinctively modern appearance and also puts a lot of emphasis on the headboard. The headboard is upholstered in white vinyl and has a built-in USB charger on each side, making this a particularly great bed for today’s modern lifestyle.