White bedroom

White is the symbol for purity and cleanliness. That is why many people prefer arranging their rooms and even the entire homes in white. I like white very much and I even like white bedrooms and the white furniture is really beautiful. The problem is that it is not very good for families with small children because they are a bit too hard to maintain clean when your little artists discover that pencils can write on walls and furniture as well.

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White homes are very beautiful and during winter they can give you the impression that they are actually specially design to suggest this season. However, some people like me for example, might sometimes associate perfectly white bedrooms with hospital rooms. Besides, if you have everything white around you can be a bit boring. But you can easily get rid of this little problem by simply adding one other small detail in the room that has a different color. For example you can use a red chair and two red ornamental pillows or maybe a small curtain plus the carpet and the pillows – all colored in a sweet shade of lilac.

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If you want a smaller contrast you can use some decorations colored in gray or beige, so some colors that are close to white, but which can complete a white bedroom very well. Add a big mirror, a small table, a bedside lamp or some photos with a gray wooden frames and they will bring a special touch to the room.