White Apartment Interior Design in Paris

White interior decors are quite popular, especially in modern and contemporary spaces. However, there’s usually a balance between the white background and range of colors used as accents. In this case we have an apartment that lacks color almost completely. It has a very simple, minimalist interior design. The walls and ceilings are white throughout and most of the furniture is white as well. The wooden floor has a dark stain and the contrast created is strong and elegant in all the rooms.

White apartment in paris7

The apartment can be found in Paris and it was designed by Pascal Grasso architects. The goal for this project was mainly to create a connection between the interior spaces and the terrace. The terrace, just like the rest of the apartment, is bright and simple. The brightness is transferred inside and, in addition, the natural light that comes through the large windows further emphasizes the main lines of the décor.

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White apartment in paris5

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White apartment in paris1

White apartment in paris

The apartment features a large main volume that opens onto the terrace. There’s a direct connection between these two spaces and the transition is seamless. The interior design is clean, white and sculptural. There’s a very nice combination of shapes. In the living room, for example, the coffee table has a very nice geometry. The bedroom has beautiful curvaceous lines and the balance created between these different influences is very nice throughout.