White Apartment Interior Design by Gudmundur Jonsson

Usually, a white apartment can’t transmit much in terms of atmosphere and accent details. Still, there are numerous ways in which you can make it stand out. Let’s take this one for example. White is a color associated with the winter season so it feels cold and not that personal or friendly. Nevertheless, a white apartment can feel cozy and inviting. In addition to that, a white apartment will always feel spacious, airy and bright.

Modern Apartment Interior Design by Gudmundur Jonsson

In this white apartment, the style chosen for the décor is minimalist. The furniture is modern, with clean and simple lines and this creates a sense of openness throughout. The atmosphere is thus relaxing, serene and tranquil. The décor is very calm in all the rooms so we could consider this space a tranquil oasis where peace dominates every little corner. It’s a wonderful type of décor for those living in a busy city. It’s refreshing to go home and to be able to forget about everything, to be able to enclose yourself in a white bubble.

Modern Apartment Living Room Interior Design in Reykjavik by

Modern Bathroom Apartment Interior Design by Gudmundur Jonss

Modern Minimalist Apartment Interior Design by Gudmundur Jon

Modern Kitchen Apartment Interior Design by Gudmundur Jonsso

The apartment doesn’t totally lack color. The floors have a brownish shade and some of the furniture lets the natural grain of the wood shine. There are also black accents and this creates a classical and timeless charm. It would have been refreshing to also see another color in this apartment. Perhaps a bold, dynamic shade could have been used to create some more visible focal points in each room.