White apartment in Madrid with a pink sofa in living room

This beautiful apartment is located in Madrid and it recently got a complete makeover. At the same time, it also got s fresh white interior. The visual impact is very strong. Also, the fact that all the walls, ceilings and overall design of the apartment is white makes this place function as a blank canvas. This way everything placed in there such as furniture or accessories will instantly become a focal point of attention.The apartment has a large living room that seems even bigger with all the white in there. The living room has a colorful sofa with dusty purple upholstery that creates a sophisticated atmosphere. It has beautiful cushions and the entire room has colorful accessories throughout. The rest of the apartment has similar decors.

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When the current owners bought this place it was in poor condition. However, they were able to see the potential and all the possibilities this apartment offered. It was a 70 square meter apartment with inviting rooms. The renovation was drastic and the apartment got a completely new look. The project was commissioned by Mariano Ibanez and the interior was designed by Critina Ros de la Vega.

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Even though white is obviously the dominant color on the apartment, it’s not it that strikes the eye. It’s all the other colorful details that are eye-catching. The renovation started with the wooden beams in the roof. These were painted and thus the space became higher. The walls and the floors were then painted white as well. All the other colorful elements add intensity to the rooms and break the monotony.{found on micasarevista}.