20 Enlightening White-and-Wood Spaces

There’s something so fresh about a white space, isn’t there? It seems inherently clean, fresh, and spacious. But most white spaces would feel uncomfortably floaty if there was no other element present to ground the space. Wood is an excellent design element to choose for accomplishing this.

White and wood interior diningView in gallery

Because the tones of wood vary so greatly (from the blondest of birch wood to the darkest of walnut, and everywhere in between), you don’t have to compromise your own style and aesthetic to work in a few touches of nature.I think the visual balance struck in white-and-wood interiors is priceless. Read on, and see what you think:

Small apartment interior woodView in gallery

When colors are muted and tightly paletted, a light wood plank room divider provides plenty of style without introducing visual chaos.

Modern wood white decorView in gallery

One of the (many) beauties of wood grain is that it can stand alone as the lone accent, accessory, or artwork in a white room.

Wood ceiling white accentsView in gallery

A “waterfall” effect of wood on the ceiling coming down the walls creates a cozy nook in a larger expanse of a room. White furniture keeps the nook area itself feeling bright and fresh.

Charming wood white kitchen topView in gallery

Combining whites and woods in a kitchen is the perfect blend for this room that inherently merges warmth with cleanliness.

Scandinavian kitchenView in gallery

Gleaming subway tile and well-worn butcher block countertops are key elements in the charm of this white farmhouse kitchen.

White living room interiorView in gallery

A unique take on the traditional hardwood floor is to install extra-wide planks. This makes the room feel wider, while the accompanying white palette makes the room feel more spacious. It’s a win-win, really.

Reclaimed wood table white furnitureView in gallery

It’s never a bad idea, in my opinion, to introduce an earthy element into a completely modern space. A rustic, chunky wooden farm table in the dining room is a lovely way to add dimension and contrast.

Contemporary kitchen islandView in gallery

Well-chosen wood accents create depth for a space and draw attention to architectural details that might otherwise be missed completely.

White Modern Wood Kitchen InteriorView in gallery

Varying the tones of wood in a white-heavy space (for example, darker wood floors and lighter wood countertops) creates a simple and sophisticated depth in the space.

Charming cozy bedroom wood and whiteView in gallery

Nothing beats crisp white linens on the bed…except, of course, if those crisp whites are paired with warmly lit wood panels and contrasting glossy white floors.

Nordic Bliss white bedroomView in gallery

Sometimes, the tiniest glimpse of wood is all a white space needs.

Apartament StockholmView in gallery

Simple modern wood-framed furniture in a white space with wooden ceiling beams help to visually balance out the floor and ceiling level weights.

Reclaimed wood bathroom modern accentsView in gallery

Medium- to dark-toned wood is unbeatable in its warm, charmingly rustic appeal…even amid total contemporary pieces.

Four Cornered VillaView in gallery

Of course, for those who prefer less contrast, very pale, blonde, and even whitewashed woods have a stunningly simplifying effect on clean white spaces. Let the wood planks enhance the architecture.

Sliding doors charming wood decorView in gallery

Tempering the sterile feeling of glass and gloss with plenty of wood tones in an airy white space results in a lovely modern design.

White and wood kitchen decorView in gallery

Vary the direction of the wood grains for an interesting, yet still visually consistent, take on wood accents.

Furniture beautiful wood white floorView in gallery

Up the luxe factor of the white-and-wood simplicity by incorporating metallic neutrals into the space. They actually “read” as natural elements, but they present a unique dimension: shine.

Bedroom white sliding doorView in gallery

Opt for a sliding “barn-style” door for a bedroom closet to change things up; using smooth wood for this provides a focal feature and cuts out the temptation to clutter the walls.

Love wood floor white furniture kitchenView in gallery

The combination of white with wood is, as we’re discovering, refreshingly simple. Pair that combination with a touch of industrial edge, such as a concrete pillar, for an ultra modern vibe.