White and Orange Modern Kitchen by Morris Sato Studio

New York is a very diverse city. There you can find anything you want and the houses and apartments come in all shapes and sizes. This particular residence is a typical modern home with a simple interior and a colorful décor. It’s located in New York, United States and it was designed by Morris Sato Studio. The project was completed in 2011 and the result was a very beautiful and chic single family residence.

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The whole house is very interesting and alluring but is the kitchen that presents the most interest. The kitchen is very large compared to most typical houses. It has an irregular shape with white walls and spotlights in the ceiling. The presence of spotlights makes the pendant lamp unnecessary and it introduces a very simple décor. If you look closely you’ll see that there are no decorations or accessories, not even artwork on the walls.

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The décor is minimalist and modern. The kitchen features a very nice combination of white and orange. All the walls are white and all the furniture is orange. It’s a very interesting contrast. It’s almost as if all the action is in one part of the room, where all the color is. One wall is partially covered by a large wall unit with integrated counters and sink. It includes plenty of storage space. There’s also a matching orange kitchen island sitting not far from the rest of the furniture. It has a wooden base with round edges and a matter glass top. And just to add some contrast, there’s also a dining area with blue chairs.