White and gold file box makeover

A file box is a very useful piece for any home. And, as it happens with any piece of furniture and accessory, the file box needs to harmoniously integrate into the décor. This particular file box was simple and quite lovely but it needed a makeover in order to match with the new décor.

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This was actually the second makeover that the file box went through. It got its yellow look almost a year before this last makeover. At that time the apartment has a different look and, since many things have changed since then, it was time for the file box to get a new look as well. It got a fresh new appearance and it was all quite simple. The contact paper came in very handy. It’s very useful for many different projects. In this case, the contact paper came from an old project so it was actually recycled.

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Before giving it a new look, the file box had to be completely empty. Its contents were removed and the box had to be cleaned with water and soap. After it was clean and dry, it was time to apply the contact paper. It turned out to be easier to start with the front edges and to finish with the sides. If you measure correctly, you can use a single piece of paper to cover the sides and top.

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The front of the drawer had to be covered with contact paper as well. The handle needed to be removed first and put back after the paper was applied. It’s a simple project that should take less than an hour. Applying the contact paper is easy. All you need to do is be careful and make sure it’s smooth and with no air bubbles. In this case, the colors turned out to be very beautiful as well.{found on apartmenttherapy}.