What You Should Know Before Choosing An Open Floor Plan For Your Home

Most modern and contemporary homes have an open floor plan. It’s a decision that architects and their clients make based on a series of advantages and characteristics. But, like in the case of anything else, where there are advantages there are also disadvantages. Let’s see what they are in this particular case.

Plenty of open space.

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One of the main advantages of having a home with an open floor plan is that you get to enjoy a wide open space. It’s usually the case for the living room-kitchen combo. This area is much more inviting than the two separate rooms would be. The room feels spacious and this is something to appreciate in any home.

More natural light.

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When walls are removed, they no longer represent barrier for the light so the natural light coming through the windows can reach further and this way it makes the whole room feel bright. It’s why open floor plans are a great option for homes that either have few and small windows or where the décor is dark.

Freedom of movement.

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When you have an open floor plan in your home you instantly feel open and feel like you can move with more freedom. It’s something that can also be applied when moving furniture. It’s much easier to move furniture when there are no walls and tight spaces to go through. It makes moving in and renovating a breeze.

Great for entertaining.

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Open floor plans are wonderful when you want to organize a social gathering. It’s perfect for situations when you have guests over that stay for dinner and when you wish to be able to cook and also to engage in conversation. When the kitchen, the dining area and the living room are connected it all becomes easier.

Less space for artwork.

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Since an open floor plan means that you remove walls, then evidently you will have less space for hanging artwork. In this case, you have to assess the space carefully and to decide which piece to display and where to put it. On the other hand, since you have a larger space, you’ll be able to choose large pieces for display.

Safe for children.

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Considering the fact that the kitchen is open onto the living room and sometimes onto the dining room, this allows you to see the whole space when you’re cooking or working in this area. This means that it’s easy to monitor your children that are playing in the living room without having to go back and forth between the rooms.

More suitable for social gatherings.

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When you’re hosting large social gatherings, an open floor plan becomes a great advantage. Not only that you have more space to offer to your guests, but the atmosphere rests airy and you also have more freedom of movement. There are no walls and doors to restrict your access to the kitchen or dining room and you don’t have to move everyone in another room when it’s time to sit down for dinner.

Not great when it comes to keeping it clean.

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An open floor plan is like a reflection of the entire home. in other words, if you leave a portion of this space messy then the whole area will look bad. It’s why you always have to make sure your open floor plan is clean and tidy. This is difficult to do, especially if you have a busy schedule. So think of your lifestyle before you choose the layout.

Great for wheelchair users.

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An open floor plan means that there are no stairs, no doors and no walls that separate the rooms or at least some of them and this is great news for wheelchair users. They no longer have to open doors, to stop, to turn around, etc. They can move more easily and this is a major advantage and an element to take into consideration in such cases.

Poor sound-proof qualities.

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Open floor plans allow for visual connection and this is great for watching the children but they also allow sound to travel easily. This means that if you want some peace and quiet while watching a movie then you should move into another room because here you won’t find that.

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