What you need to know about garden koi ponds

You want to add freshness and color to your outdoor area but you haven’t found the right idea yet? How about a koi pond? It’s a great feature for the outdoor areas. But what exactly is a koi pond? Well, it’s very simple. It’s a water container or a pond in which colorful koi fish swim freely. The pond will give your garden a very tranquil and beautiful look and atmosphere. Of course, taking care of a koi pond is not exactly easy. Here’s what you need to know about maintenance:

Garden koi pondView in gallery
When you design your garden koi pond, don’t forget to add a cozy sitting area

The water in the pond needs to be constantly refreshed. For that you’ll need special equipment. Also, the water needs to always be clean so a filtration system is needed as well. Then you also have to think of the accessories. You could use landscaping rocks to create a nice décor and you could also opt for water plants. But since the pond sits outdoors, it’s likely for leaves and flowers to fall into the water and you have to constantly make sure that you take them all out. It’s not good for the fish to ingest these parts.

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The koi pond doesn’t necessarily have to be surrounded by vegetation although it’s a great option
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By placing the koi pond underneath your window you’ll be able to admire it from above
Backyard koi pondView in gallery
You can use both landscaping rocks and water plants to create a nice environment for the fish
Koi pond designView in gallery
The dimensions of the koi pond can differ drastically so there are plenty of options to choose from
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If your koi pond is surrounded by vegetation and trees, make sure the filtration system is efficient
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A koi pond is a wonderful landscape detail that contributes to an environment perfect for meditation
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The colors of your garden will be reflected in the water so choose them carefully
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Feeding the fish and watching them swim is very relaxing

Avoid using pesticides on the plants to avoid water contamination and always make sure the filtration system is working properly. Keep in mind that the fish need your attention as well. Try to maintain a feeding schedule. It’s best if you feed the fish twice a day. These are the general things you should keep in mind if you would like to have a koi pond in your garden. The pond is always beautiful and it’s also relaxing, like an instant cure for stress.

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