10 Tips For An Interior Design That Feels Right

Everyone wants their home to be perfect but that rarely happens from the first try. First you make a few mistakes, then you correct them and only after that everything starts to feel right. We want to help you skip the middle part. These 10 tips can help you get the interior design right from the beginning.

The best seat in the house.

The best seat from the houseView in gallery

This is something to keep in mind when you’re decorating the living room: first find the best seat in the room and start from there. Plan the rest of the furniture around that spot and organize everything accordingly.

White walls need art.

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If you decide to paint the walls of a room white, then you need to add some wall art. Otherwise the space will feel cold and will lack character. Use paintings to add color to the room and to break the monotony of the neutral color scheme.

Turn precious items into everyday items.

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Everyone has a set of precious items like some crystal glasses, a vase that someone close gave them or other such things. Use these special items for everyday purposes and don’t let them just gather dust in a corner. A vase can become a pencil holder for example.

Learn to give up.

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We all tend to collect and gather things that have some kind of sentimental meaning. But you have to learn to give up certain things. From time to time, clean up the house and whenever you come across an item you rarely or never use ask yourself” do I really need this or can I live without it?”.

Never use sconces over the bathroom mirror.

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Although it’s very common to place the sconce over the mirror in the bathroom gives how practical this is, the fact is it’s not flattering at all. Shadows are cast across your face in a very unpleasant way. Instead, the sconces should flank the mirror.

Hang the TV at the right height.

Hang wall tv correct heightView in gallery

If you want to hang your TV on the wall, make sure you pick the right height. The ideal height is at eye level when you’re in viewing position. Also, pay attention to the viewing distance which would be 1 ½ times the size of the screen.

Large-scale pieces make a room seem bigger

Large furniture make the room biggerView in gallery

Most people think that, if a room is small, then it needs small furniture pieces to look more spacious. That’s not exactly true. A few large-scale pieces will make the room appear bigger. Similarly, paint a small space a dark color to really make it come alive.

Use glossy paint on a lower ceiling.

Shared bedroom glossy paint ceilingView in gallery

To create the illusion of height in a room with a lower ceiling, choose a glossy-finish paint for the ceiling. It reflects the light and make the room seem bigger. And if the ceiling seems a bit too high, use a matte-finish paint in a darker tone.

Curtains make a room seem finished.

Sunroom curtains add splashView in gallery

Even if a room has everything it needs, it’s only after you hang the curtains that it really feels complete. The curtains make it look finished and a lot more inviting and pleasant. Otherwise it will always feel like something is missing.

It’s the shade that makes the lamp.

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Instead of investing in lamps, focus on lampshades. After all, they’re the eye-catching part. You can get a simple, cheap lamp and outfit it with a really beautiful and unique shade and it will look amazing. Plus, this way you can also change the look of your lamps by replacing the lampshades.