What Women Look For In A Walk-In Closet

Organizing your closet in much more easier when you know exactly how you want it to look and what it needs to have in order to be perfect. Women, for example, have different requirements than men regarding their closet. There are things that they always look for when analyzing a closet. These things usually are:

Shoes storage.

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You don’t have to be very fancy to have lots of shoes. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy buying shoes you must have at least a few pairs. Those pairs of shoes have to sit beautifully and they have to be nicely organized. Women don’t just store their shoes but they also display them. It’s why the more compartments dedicated to shoes a closet has, the better.

Shelves and lots of storage spaces.

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Another element that is absolutely necessary in a closet in order for a women to consider it truly practical and beautiful is the presence of multiple shelves on which she can store and display items such as shoes, bags, etc. as well as plenty of additional storage spaces such as drawers.

Space for small accessories.

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Closet accessories space1View in gallery

Small accessories such as watches, jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, bracelets and so on also need to be stored somewhere. Usually they are placed in drawers where they are organized into compartments. A large drawer is usually enough for all the accessories but if you really want to organize them according to categories then you might need more space.

An island.

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The island in a walk-in closet is a great addition as it provides additional storage. But it’s also a centerpiece where accessories can be displayed. It can be decorated with floral arrangements or it can simply be a place where a favorite pair of shoes or a bag is displayed. A nice chandelier or pendant lamp above the island would also look beautiful.

Valet poles.

Closet valet poleView in gallery

Valet poleView in gallery

Valet poles are also a great addition to a closet because they allow you to select a certain combination of clothes that you might want to wear the next day or on a special occasion and display it so that you can imagine how it looks, so that you can accessorize it properly or simply to have it somewhere separate for easy access.


Pink dresingView in gallery

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I think it has become clear that a women’s closet is not restricted to storage but it’s also a place where she displays her clothes, accessories and where she can organize and combine them as she wants. For that, lighting is crucial. Everything has to be clear and bright. It would be useless to even bother making the closet look beautiful if you can’t admire it in its entire beauty.

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