What to look for when buying a new home – 10 things to care

Buying your own house is sure everybody’s dream and it is essential to take care of the intricate details while making this valuable purchase. Listed below are ten things you should look out for when you a new house.

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Location: First, when you are looking to buy a house the natural instinct would be to scout for a new property in a good location, which is not only safe, but also in proximity to schools, hospitals, supermarkets etc.

Finishing: once you have decided to purchase your own home you sure know your budget and you would be at an advantage when you know what to expect in respect to the kind of finishes and materials used. When your budget is on the lower end you would find houses with vinyl flooring and plastic coated counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms. The carpet used would be of low quality etc. while a high priced house would high-end furnishings and fixtures.

Outdoor space: close inspection of the roofing, pipes exterior walls and the gutters would help you clearly understand the basic condition of the house. In case the property is a few years old, it would be advisable to check the records of previous maintenance and repairs. After all, you would be investing your hard-earned money on the house and you sure do not want move in to your new nest and be left with a list of repairs to be attended.

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Check the ceilings: the ceiling is one of the most important parts of the house that could possess cracks allowing.  A good look at the dry air cracks would also save you from expenses in repairs.

Kitchen amenities: nowadays a lot of importance is given to the kitchen fixtures and the appliances. Remodeling the kitchen is one of the most expensive parts so you would like to purchase a home self-sufficient with all the needed appliances and furnishings in place.

Bathroom conveniences: Just as kitchen amenities, bathroom features an equally important part of the home. Hence, check for the plumbing, the type of fittings used, condition of the shower area, bathtub etc. there would not be much of a problem with new homes but the older constructions may need some redesigning.

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Features added by the previous owner: In case you are looking at buying a resale property, the owner might have added some up gradations like an extra room in the basement, a swimming pool etc and this cost would be added to the price quoted to you. By comparing this quoted price with the other properties in the neighborhood, you would get an idea if you were being charged exorbitantly or just right.

Check electrical fittings: look out for the electrical fittings in the house and whether there are sufficient number of sockets, phone jacks etc. also an inspection of the air conditioning system, heaters etc would be advisable, as you would be paying for these appliances as well.