What to Do with Large Spaces

It is usually small spaces that are considered problematic because you need to create the feeling of a larger space. But sometimes larger rooms can be equally tricky! It might not be easy to fill them up or know how to deal with high ceilings or extra areas. Here are some tips.

Separate the Living Space.

Traditional living room
A Room Divider is an Easy Trick to Unify a Room

A room divider can come in handy when you feel that a room is too large. However, choose one that you can see through, such as a glass or bookshelf design. This helps to separate the room without making it feel disconnected.

Go for High Windows.

Traditional living room
Windows Should Fill the Walls

High windows help to bring the view outside into the home. This can be beneficial to large spaces and high ceilings because it creates a sense of harmony between the outdoors and your house. Windows break the expanse of wall and bring in light.

Plant Something Tall.

Traditional living room
Large Plants Stand Tall in Bigger Spaces

Have fun with the large space instead of feeling overwhelmed by it. Place a tall plant in the middle of the room or next to a staircase to create dimension and fill the space nicely.

Get a Daybed.

Traditional living room
Trendy Daybeds Replace the Sofa

Daybeds can come in handy because they can be sophisticated enough not to have to be relegated to the bedroom. They have become as trendy as ottomans and deserve a spot in the living room or lounge. The sneaky bonus is that they can replace small sofas or even become a great rest area in the study, thus fitting into the large space stylishly.

Choose the L-Shape.

Traditional living room
L-shape for Large Rooms

L-shaped furniture is great use of a large room because it fits in and can help to create more seating areas (in the case of an L-shaped sofa). Think about using the L-shape in various large rooms, such as the study or kitchen. The bonus of L-shaped furniture is that it can be placed in the middle of a room so as to divide areas in an open plan home.

Increase the Size of the Coffee Table.

Traditional living room
Coffee Table Spread

If you feel that a small coffee table only helps to enhance the largeness of your living room, think about increasing its size so that the room is more in proportion. A good tip it to choose a coffee table that mimics its surroundings by being of a similar color – for instance, a neutral color if the rest of the room is designed with the same palette – so that it blends in but fills the space.

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