What To Do With All Those Wooden Spoons!

All you need are some wooden spoons. It is really that simple. A quick project or a quick accent, these quaint little pieces can do  more than you may think – and not just as a kitchen utensil! There are plenty of nifty little ways to decorate, organize or spruce up your collection! Take a look!

1. Keep them rustic.

Wall spoon display

In a metal tin or a glass container, use your collection of wooden spoons as a rustic centerpiece or country bouquet. Leave them color free and act as those they are a piece of art adorning your kitchen or dining room table. With some yellow daisies or simple ribbon, this will be a fun and inexpensive way to dress the space.

2. Make them playful.

Wall spoon display

Make cooking dinner a little bit more fun by dipping your spoons in some pretty paints! Literally, all you have to do is take some paint and coat the ends of the spoons. Absolutely anyone can make this DIY happen and it will never look messy or wrong as long as you allow them to dry properly! Do them all in one color or go crazy with several shades of vivacious tones.

3. Set up a display.

Wall spoon display

Maybe you have a great collection if vintage spoons or you have a favorite spoon to use for every dish, either way you can easily create a display to hold all of them. Not only is this functional but it’s a great way to add some simple texture to the walls of the kitchen or breakfast nook.

4. Give it light.

Wall spoon display

Yes, you can even create a custom chandelier out of all your spoons! It is rustic, fun, yet simple and subtle. Over the kitchen island or breakfast table, this is an amazing project to dive into. Best part about this DIY is that no one else you know will have anything like it!

5. Hang them up.

Wall spoon display

It could be covering the wall or just a small fraction of space, but either way, hanging up your wooden spoons is an easy way to create some extra personality for the space. It also gets the extra spoons out of the way for more cooking room. Mix up various sizes, shapes and colors for a bigger sense of style and do not be worried that it is not a typical way to decorate. That is the beauty of the idea!