What To Avoid When You’re Decorating

If you decide to redecorate your home without any professional help then mistakes will probably occur. Even professional make them from time to time so it’s important to pay attention to every little detail. We have selected some of the most common mistakes that people make when decorating and we’re going to share them with you so you don’t make them as well.

Turquoise dining roomView in gallery

A very common mistake that people make is choosing the paint color first. It’s true that in the process of decorating you first have to paint the walls and only after that you can add the furniture and everything else. However, there are extremely many different colors to choose from. It’s why it’s best to choose the most expensive pieces first and only then to decorate around them. It’s easy to repaint the walls but it’s difficult to change the whole furniture.

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Another mistake that people usually make is choosing curtains that are too short. Curtains should always be long enough to touch the floor. They can even be a little longer but they should never be shorter than floor level. Short curtains make the walls look shorter than they actually are and they don’t provide the continuous and fluid look that they should.

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When choosing your light fixtures, if you prefer chandeliers you have to be careful when you install them. Make sure your chandeliers don’t hang too high. It’s important for a chandelier to sit at a level where it can light up the entire room, not just the ceiling. It’s why chandeliers are usually used in rooms with high ceilings where they don’t incommode anyone.

Sofa pillowsView in gallery

Many people like to exaggerate when using throw pillows. While they are a great accent feature and wonderful accessories that can make a room feel complete and cozy, they can also become overwhelming. It’s annoying when you always have to move them from place to place because you can’t sit on the sofa comfortable because of them. So use throw pillows but with moderation.

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Another great mistake that people sometimes make is to sacrifice comfort for style. This is something you should never do. Your home is not a museum so nothing you include in your décor should be for display purposes only. Everything should be chosen in accordance with your preferences and the furniture especially should be comfortable. There are plenty of pieces that look wonderful and that immediately catch your eye but don’t be fooled by their looks. Check if they also match your either criteria.

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