What Not To Do When Decorating

Decorating or redecorating a space by yourself is admirable. But in order to get results you would actually know what you’re doing and, most important of all, you need to know what to avoid and what not to do. There are several major mistakes that people do when decorating their homes and we’ve tried to incorporate some of them in this article. Here are some tips that should help.

Don’t choose furniture that doesn’t fit.

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A lot of people don’t really know how to appreciate the size when they’re decorating a space. You have to be careful when choosing the furniture because if it’s either too big or too small for the space then it won’t look good.

Don’t mix too many patterns and prints.

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While it’s ok to play with different patterns, textures and prints, at one point they become too many and then the décor is no longer harmonious. Be careful when you choose a piece of furniture. It’s not enough to like it. It also has to fit well in the décor.

Don’t neglect the rug.

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In order for a décor to be cohesive and consistent, the furniture and all the other main elements need to be connected somehow. Very often, an area rug can greatly help with that. When placed in the center of the room it connects the furniture around it and thus makes the décor more harmonious.

Don’t push all the furniture up against the walls.

Furniture centerView in gallery

People tend to think that if the center of a room is open and free of furniture then the room seems larger. That’s actually not true. Having the center of the room open is not helpful at all unless you need it for something. It’s best if you group your furniture and if you allow it to spread throughout the room.

Don’t display everything you have.

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When people collect stuff or when they receive a decoration as a gift they immediately want to put it up for display. But just because you have lots of decorations doesn’t mean that they all look good together. In fact, it’s best if you filter the things you display.

Don’t include items that you don’t like.

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Another problem appears when people have all sorts of family heirlooms that their parents or grandparents give them. Just because they offer you something doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to use it. So unless you really like that item, don’t use it because you feel obligated.

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