What you need to know before you choose an apartment with one or two bathrooms

Choosing between an apartment with one bathroom and one with two can often be difficult. It’s easy to say that two is better than one but you also need to think about the money and all the other advantages and disadvantages that come with the extra bath. There are a few things to take into consideration before you make a decision.

1. The level of privacy.

Half bath1

When you’re living alone, privacy is not an issue. But when you have a roommate, for example, a single bath can turn out to be insufficient. If you also share the same time schedule then you’ll have to get ready at the same time and this usually means you will both need to use the bathroom. It’s better to have your own in situations like this one. This way you’ll also have your own space for toiletries and personal items. But even if you’re living alone, a second bathroom could be helpful. You can use the one closest to your bedroom as the primary bath and leave the other one for guests.

2. Convenience.

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Having two separate bathrooms can allow you to avoid many unpleasant situations. For example, it can happen for two people to need to use the bathroom at the same time for the same purposes or for different activities. Regardless of the situation, it would be best to have your own bathroom. This way nobody needs to rush or change schedules.

3. Backup.

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It sometimes happens to have problems with the toilet or with other amenities in the bathroom. In such cases a second bathroom can be real life-saver. If your toilet goes out of order for whatever reason, then you’ll always have the other one at your disposal until you get it fixes. Of course, this can’t be the only reason why you should get an apartment with two bathrooms. If there are also other reasons for that, then it would be something to also take into consideration.

4. A half bath.

Half bath1

If you’re living alone then there’s no need to have two full bathrooms. You can still have two of them but one can be a half bath. It would be the perfect compromise. The half bath would also be all your guests need when they’re visiting or staying over.