What You Need To Ask For When Hiring A House Painter

When redecorating their homes, some people prefer to do most of the work themselves, this including painting the walls. However, hiring a professional could bring important benefits. Nevertheless, you need to be careful when hiring someone because, after all, the results of his work will stick with you for years to come. Here are five things you should do before hiring a house painter.

1. Ask for references.

Painting wall View in gallery

One way of knowing whether or not the person you want to hire to paint your home is indeed as good at his work as he says is to check the references. But make you actually call the people on the list, because writing some names and phone numbers on a piece of paper is something that anyone can do.

2. Ask for proof of insurance.

Before signing a contract make sure to ask for proof of insurance. You should also check state laws for licensing, bonding and insurance requirements to make sure they’re all ok. Any paint company should have at least liability insurance which is standard.

3. Ask for proper measurements.

A painter needs to come in person in order to offer you an estimate for the project. It’s why you should never trust someone who does this over the phone. An experiences painter could provide you with the measurements of a room without actually using any tools but this does not apply to large rooms, foyers, vaulted ceilings or exterior paint projects. Measurements need to be accurate in order to calculate the costs.

Painting wall View in gallery

4. Ask for a written proposal.

This is something that the painter should do without you asking. He needs to prepare a proposal with all the job details and costs. This is done after measuring the rooms and obtaining all the details from the client. This proposal can be done on the spot for a small project or the next day for something more complex. However, be careful. This proposal should be on a printed for and should include thorough details and contact information. So don’t trust someone who writes the estimate on the back of a business card.

5. Compare estimates.

It is advised to collect 3 estimates from different companies and to choose the best one. In this case, best is not synonym with cheap because, most often, you get what you pay for. So even if the highest estimate is not exactly what you had in mind before contacting the painter, his good references and reviews are a sign that his services are reliable.{pictures from site}.