What is the difference between a home and a house?

Many have said in the past that a home is place where hearts live and house is a place where people live.  While many agree with this statement, when it is analyzed in its true logic, it can be confirmed that truly a home is for a family whereas a house is for anyone to live.But if you are really interested to know the in-depth meaning of a house, it means a residence or a duplex house for a single family to reside.

A house is understood to be a free standing constructed structure that has a good garden, perfect interior, main gate and the owner pays house tax annually.At times, when there are houses constructed for a sector or a community, it can be stated that home owners association have collectively constructed the houses and are collectively maintaining, lawns, security and maintenance.

Alternatively a home can be described as a place where one would like to stay and it does not go with rooms. A home may be a single room or a double room or a bungalow. A home will always have people who look for you, who wait for your visit and who take care of you.

In a house many people can stay for mutual convenience or for pursuing different goals and objectives, but a home offers lot of care and nurture to all the members and it gives lot of freedom and liberty to express opinions and feelings.

So, when it comes to the expression or usage of words both house and home, it can be differentiated in several contexts.In general, a house is referred to as a place for residence whereas a home referred to a residence for a family.