“What Happens When?” Restaurant Design

It is definitely an intriguing question which makes you want to discover what is beyond … It is not only a question, it can be considered a very interesting and original concept. “What Happens When?” is also the name of an experimental restaurant which has its location in New York. The idea behind the name is that every month, the design, menu and music of the restaurant are totally changed.

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The initiators of this project intended to prove that the creativity and intelligence of good designer are more important and can turn into a great work and not having a lot of money. It is impossible not to like this original idea, especially when the result is a success.There are the grids on the ceilings, the handmade objects, the bird motif, the forest theme , the miniature landsacpes of plants and birds which turn everything into a new design which is apparently a “play with scale”.

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There are  elements which make you wonder why you did not think about them before; for example, the tracks of different animals everywhere around: on the floor, on the walls and even on the tables, the blue and green grids on the ceilings and  so on. You have the feeling that you are in a forest and everything around seems to suggest this idea.Forget to say that Elle Kunnos de Voss of the Metrics is the interior design company behind.