Colors That Make Orange and Compliment Its Tones

Orange is a secondary color, meaning that to create its tone, you must mix two primary colors. And those primary colors that make orange are red and yellow.

Colors That Make Orange

Seemingly enough, they’re also complementary to these shades. But there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to orange.

With a variety of shades, tones and depths, this color may not be the most popular but it’s got a wide range of contrasting, complementary and easily accenting counterparts to use in the house. Let’s have a look!

How to choose paint colors

The color that you choose for the wall paint is very important in each and every room. The color of the walls and ceiling tell a story, transmit a message and induce feelings. You might not realize it, but every color, even the neutral and very simple ones like white, have a very strong impact on the way in which the whole rooms looks and feels. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right color for your next interior remodel.

Look for inspiration in other places

One of the first things we ever do when we have an idea about a certain task or a project is look for examples and inspiration of how other people did similar things. If you’re trying to find a color that suits your home, check out some catalogues, magazines or look for inspiration online. There are apps that help you in that regard and a bunch of blogs or webpages specialized in offering particularly this sort of advice.

Create a color palette

Color theory explains how different colors relate to each other, how they influence one another and helps you put together a combination that suits your styles and helps you convey a certain idea or concept. It would be helpful to check out the basics and learn a few things about this with this occasion. You can then use the information you’ve learned to put together a custom color palette and come up with more ideas and details for your design.

Start with a favorite print

The inspiration for the color palette of a room can come from anywhere, even from a tiny piece of fabric. Let’s say you have a nice little throw pillow that you really like or you’ve seem some curtains or a rug that had a cool design and you want to base the rest of the room on that. Look closely at the print and find all the difference nuances that make up the color palette, then try to find paint colors that match.

Find inspiration in nature

Nature is an amazing source of inspiration for literally anything. It’s especially helpful to look outside for inspiration if you want to create an interior design that mimics the outdoors or that uses natural materials. Look in nature for the way in which these particular materials occur alongside others and check out how the colors are combined.

Let art guide you

Another great source of inspiration is art and paintings in particular. Painters spend a lot of time studying color theory and combining different colors in order for their creations to convey the message that they have in mind. You can find a painting that tells a story which speaks to you and model your interior design after that.

Consider neutrals

With so many different vibrant colors to choose from, we tend to forget about the neutrals. It’s easy to dismiss them on account of being too simple or boring when you don’t really know how they work. Neutrals can be used in lots of creative ways and are excellent if you want a room to feel inviting, calming and relaxing. They’re great colors for the walls and the ceiling, allowing you to introduce other stronger accents colors in the form of accessories, furniture and so on. After wall, maybe you don’t want the focal point of your living room to be a wall.

Consider variations and nuances

If your base favorite color doesn’t seem to work for the space that you have in mind, don’t give up just yet. It might be that you simply haven’t used the right shade. Sometimes a lighter or a darker shade of the same color can completely change the way a room looks and feels. Other colors that are similar to it can also give great results. For example, if blue walls don’t suit a room, perhaps turquoise ones would.

Sample the paint colors

This is important regardless of the colors you choose. There are more factors to consider than just the actual color of the paint, such as lighting for example. It really helps to bring home some samples and see how those colors actually look on that particular wall in that context. It may turn out that hey look great in the store but not so much in your home in which case you might have to consider a loghter or a darker tone of a different color altogether.

10 colors that go with orange

1. Gold & Browns.

White decor with pops of orangeView in gallery

For a richer orange – that has a bit more red in it than the brighter yellow – compliment with chocolate browns and golden, shining gold tones. This is a warm, welcoming way to go when decorating the dining room or family area.

2. Shades of.

White decor with pops of orangeView in gallery

You can also create a room using different shades of muted orange tones. This doesn’t work with the brighter, more vibrant shades but it does with the more subdued choices. It’s relaxing and quite refreshing.{found on tobifairley}.

3. Aqua Pairings.

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Aqua and turquoise go along with oranges quite well. It’s a direct contrast and provides a funky, fresh and a bit of a retro feel when used throughout a kitchen or even a youthful-inspired bedroom.

4. Crisp and Clean White.

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A crisp, clean white will compliment (and provide a beautiful contrast) to any color you decide to go with. And when it’s a bright orange, you’ll get a spacious and vivaciously-spirited bedroom.

5. Happy Yellows.

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You have to have yellow to make orange so it’s only natural that it can be a great color to decorate with. Just take this gorgeous guest room for example, it’s full if summertime feelings and happy vibes.{found on gmcbinc}.

6. Black and Dramatic.

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For a bit of unbridled drama, why not pair a burnt orange with a dramatic black? It sets the mood for a very eclectic and fashion-forward space with an immense amount of edge.

7. Creamiest of Creams.

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A creamy white is basically a neutral with a dash of yellow thrown in, and what we’ve learned is that yellow is a parent of orange .. making a cream color the perfect compliment to orange shades.

8. Blushing Pink Combos.

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Red and white make pink … and since red it a parent of orange, pink is a sister to orange. And that just means these two colors can dance together in a bedroom quite well.

9. True Blue Friends.

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Blue shades are direct contrasts to orange, which make them so complimentary to these bright tones. We are loving this classic orange and royal blue room.

10. Bold Reds.

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Be bold with your choices and combine your favorite shade of orange with a red that’s just as vibrant. Just like yellow, without red, you can’t have orange, so it’s okay to pair such daring colors together as they’re already members of the same family!

A few more orange decor ideas

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Don’t be afraid of strong colors like orange or red. Yes, they’re very powerful and very saturated in certain forms but they might actually look better than you expect them to. A strong color can look amazing on an accent wall and can help to bring out the other colors in the room as well. {found on courtneykleemandesign}.

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There are certain rooms in a home where we’re often reluctant to use strong colors. The bathroom is usually one of them. That’s exactly why it can be very refreshing and invigorating to go a different route. Unexpected colors are often inspiring. {found on audinoconstruction}.

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As mentioned before, choosing neutral and simple colors for the walls, ceilings and the large surfaces in general allows you to add color to a room in other forms. You can create interesting focal points with furniture and decorations.

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Complementary colors like blue and orange look nice together. They bring out the beauty in each other and they contrast with one another but don’t clash. These are consecrated combinations so you can’t really go wrong with them. {found on sukdesigngroup}.

White decor with pops of orange

How about just pure white for a room? This is a very underrated color, one which we often take for granted. When you think about it, white is a very powerful color which can be used as a base for a décor in order to highlight smaller elements like other colors, certain materials, finishes or textures. {found on vinci-hamp}.

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Using two very strong and different colors in the same room can seem a bit too much but not if done in a way that’s balanced and makes sense. Of course, if you’re going with two strong accent colors, the base colors for the walls for instance should be simple and neutral, like a very faint shade of beige for example. {found on christopherleefoto}.

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When planning the interior design of a space it’s also important to take into consideration the style an overall theme of the room. If you’re decorating a beach house for example, you can paint the walls the color of sand and then add accent hues like turquoise and blue to complement them.

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The color of the walls should also be considered in relation to the furniture. For instance, if you want to make a space look larger and more open it can help to have the walls and the furniture placed against them be the same color so they blend in better. Using light colors is a given in such cases. {found on thevsigroup}.