Whale Tong

You need a lot of tools when you are in the kitchen and one of the most useful and most simple ones is the tong. Tongs are usually used for salads and for taking any kind of big pieces of food from a pot or a large bowl and placing them on a plate. Salads are most used with tongs because the crispy leaves of salad and the nice and fresh slices of tomatoes and cucumbers must be carefully handles in order not to be squashed and tongs are perfect for this. So I guess this Whale Tong is perfect for any kitchen.

WhaleTongs2 lThe name of this kitchen tool shows perfectly what it looks like – a whale. And if you take a look at it you can actually see a whale. It is made of bamboo, as this kind of wood is pretty resistant and also lightweight. Designed by David Mayhew, this tool has a magnetic hinge. It looks great and is really useful and besides, it has a funny shape. Since it is made of bamboo wood, it is recommended for you to wash it by hand only. the item is now available to be purchased for $24.95.