We’ve Always Liked Arched Doorways

Arched doors, just like arched windows, are very beautiful. They have a certain charm that other types don’t have. An arched doorway tends to be more elegant and to look more imposing. It’s seems less impersonal and it just looks like someone has actually given some thought to this feature before choosing the standard. But how do arched doorways integrate in interior decors? Well, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Arched door
The arched doorway matched the shape of the headboard

A popular reflex would be to match the arched doorway with arched windows. You could do that if you prefer a more classical and matching interior design but it’s not the only option. You could also explore other types of designs and other shapes. What’s very beautiful about arched doorways is that you can use them on ling hallways if you have more than one door or arch and they will create a very nice visual effect.

Big arch doorway
An arched doorway can also be a space delimiter that doesn’t actually provide privacy
Arched hallway
An arched doorway can be matched with arched windows
Arched doorway
This type of doorway looks particularly beautiful in traditional decors
Arch dining room
An arched doorway can give your home a more classical and elegant look
Living room arch door
You can also play with shapes and designs and mix them in the same room
Wooden arch doorway
The wooden arched doorway matches the design of the fireplace
Beautiful arches
Wooden doorways are more suitable for traditional homes
Love arches
The arched doorways and windows on this hallway create a very interesting ceiling design


Arches design
Multiple arched doorways on a long hallway have a nice visual effect

It’s difficult to find a door that matches an arched doorway. You could have an arched door but you could also have a regular one, in which case the upper portion will remain exposed. It’s not a perfect combination if you prefer total privacy so it’s not that suitable for bedrooms. To make the arched doorway better integrate into the décor, you can match it with other elements. It could be an arched window, an arched headboard or a fireplace.

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