West Seattle Residence by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects

This house is mainly built in order to have a secluded atmosphere which was designed by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects. Among today’s busy, aristocratic business life, this house seems to be a house of serenity. The small courtyards are built by solid walls. And there are different divisions in the house. Once you enter the house, you will be thrilled to see the spectacular outlook of the entire city.

West Seattle Residence

The prime living areas (bar, kitchen, dining and living room) are confined to one huge space which is being outward to city views. This space is like the curtains which unveils the enigmatic secret. Since, the area is very bright and it is full of light.

West Seattle Residence4View in gallery

West Seattle Residence3View in gallery

A gallery, which is bordered with murals and it is extended for the entire length. It also buffers the entire living space when viewed from the street. The material used to build this house is not costly materials and it is very simple. This house is well known for its soft tranquility which elicits the beauty.