Welcoming Twister Restaurant

Usually when I choose a place to have dinner or enjoy a nice cocktail with a friend I am interested in many aspects: interior design, atmosphere, privacy and services. All these items are meant to assure me the comfort and protection that I need .The nice ambiance, the good food and drink and the prompt serving are things that I have always appreciated to a restaurant.If I watch well at these pictures I may say this welcoming Twister Restaurant, located in Kiev can be on my list.

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Serghii Makhnov and Vasily Butenko form the magnificent design team that has worked for the interiors of this restaurant. They did a real nice work creating a great interior design which will inspire you comfort, quality, privacy and warm.The restaurant consists of two areas that represent a two- storey dining section and a bar area.

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It is said that the two- storey dining section was inspired by two natural phenomena: tornado and rain. There are six tornado shape balconies with five dining cells. All these space create the idea of nest so you can feel like a tiny bird protected by its warm and solid small house. The walls and the bar itself are made of wooden slats and wooden sticks which are stuck together among themselves and create this protective image of a nest of birds.

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The idea of warm and privacy comes out from the use of natural and warm nuances like beige, ochre, garnet or brown and the subtle lights that illuminate these wonderful and elegant interiors.