Welcoming Arms Chair by Oleksandr Shestakovych

The chair has a very basic piece of furniture in our homes. Usually, when buying a chair, people tent to think only about functionality, simply because it’s such a common piece. However, there are ways to make a chair stand out. As a designer, there’s only a way to make your creation unique, whether it’s adding vivid colors or eye-catching elements.

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Oleksandr Shestakovych decided to add a little fun to this basic piece of furniture. He created a hybrid that is not a simple chair, nor an armchair, it’s an Arms Chair. Featuring simple lines and rounded edges, the Arms Chair is always ready to give you a hug. The design itself is very simple. The chair has 4 legs placed exactly in the corners, creating continuity, a square seat and a backrest. In addition to this it also has 2 arms or armrests that feature tiny hands ion each arm. It’s a very small adjustment to the basic design. However, it makes a big difference.

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The Arms Chair is great for any home, regardless of the style or décor. It’s an eye-catching piece of furniture that will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face. It can be used in the dining room, in the living room, on the terrace or deck, anywhere you want. It’s a very versatile piece of furniture. The vivid colors are very attractive and fun so it could also be a good choice for the kid’s room.