Weekday shop interior design from Berlin

Berlin is one of the most dynamic and modern European cities. Besides of being the capital of Germany, Berlin gathers lots of labels and point of interest for tourists or for anyone who is interested in contemporary culture. You can say it’s in fact one of the urban culture capitals of the world.

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This is why for Berlin, as a branch of urban culture, fashion labels are very important and the city gathers lots of international fashion brands. One of them is the Swedish fashion label Weekday which has opened its second shop in Berlin. Being a well-known label and having already one shop in the city, Weekday had to find an interesting design for its new shop. So they called for the help of two famous architects, Gonzales and Haase who designed a wonderful modern, yet simple and with a unfinished touch, shop.

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The shop is located at Neue Schönhauser Strasse 17-18, Mitte, Berlin and measures 260-sq-m. The whole project of designing lasted over a year, but the result is fantastic. The designers combined natural materials with high-tech ones. The shop looks like a deposit, but the shelves are disposed in a way that makes you feel comfortable and realize it’s just an illusion made to give to the room a personal design. The materials and the design go very well with the colors used in the new collection. The whole impression is of a urban contemporary space, made to please young rebel customers.